Angela Abruzzese

Founder | Buyer | Fashion Visionary 


Since she was a girl in south Philadelphia, Angela Abruzzese dreamt of owning her own shop. Her parents owned a woman's boutique for over 50 years. "I still remember those buying trips to New York with my mom." 

Now, with five grown children of her own, she thinks back to 1990, when her youngest was going into first grade. "A good friend approached me and asked if I wanted to start a business together. The time just seemed right."  Soon thereafter they opened the doors of Latrice in Bryn Mawr, PA, a 1500 square foot space with one employee.

Five years later Angela went solo and today she's in a newly remodeled space, more than twice the size, with over 10 employees and a second shop in Margate, New Jersey. 

Her focus is on "the silhouette". As she puts it, " I am not a fan of letting the clothes wear the woman. It's about good design and good lines that flatter. Accessories can bring out the personality. The woman should always be noticed first. "

She loves editing her in-store collection. The moment you set foot in Latrice, you can feel the strong European influence. "Whether you're looking for a unique sweater, shirt, special occasion dress, or an entire season's wardrobe, you'll leave with a positive self image. I see fashion as composition and combinations. Texture, shade, color, detailing... all are so important. It's really an art."  

After so many years in the business, Angela still looks forward to every day at work. " I never get bored. Maybe it's because the one predictable thing about fashion is that it's just so unpredictable."

Michelle Della Rocca Clark

General Manager | Assistant Buyer


Michelle came to Latrice as a fluke. She intended to go to law school but Angela crossed paths with her at a pivotal point, and hired her on the spot. 

Her responsibilities have grown to include assistant buying, merchandising, marketing and bookkeeping. Michelle also sets up the stunning weekly window displays.

When asked what makes Latrice unique, she says, “I love that Latrice carries lines that you can’t find in department stores, in fact many that aren’t even carried in this country. Latrice is cutting edge but never trendy. Many Latrice pieces I’ve had for years are still fashionably relevant today. And no one develops relationships with their clients the way we do.”

To her, “There’s nothing like good food, close family, and a great job."



Our fashion consultants stay in touch with the latest developments in fashion and stay in touch with you. They send you updates, answer your fashion emergency calls, and outfit you for vacation.  You can bring in your  staples for updating, fill in your wardrobe, find that iconic piece to mark an event, or discover an entirely new personal style. At Latrice it’s all about you. 


How did your passion for fashion begin?  

"It's in my genes. My mother had a great eye and impeccable taste. I started sewing in my early teens, and I’ve been in fashion ever since."

What brought you to Latrice? 

“ A former co-worker of mine thought Angela and I would be a good fit. The rest is history. “

What’s your go to outfit or piece? 

“A vintage LV bag my husband bought me in Paris 25 years ago.” 

Who’s your fashion idol? 

“Valentino for his consistently current allure."

What’s the next black?

 "Black is timeless."

What makes Latrice unique? 

“Angela’s superb eye for design, our clients and our outstanding client service.”





How did your passion for fashion start?

"I think I was born with it. By the time I was a teenager, my girlfriends called me the 'Accessory Queen' and would come to me for fashion advice. Fashion business/merchandising was my major in college which led me to the garment industry in New York."

What brought you to Latrice? 

“While shopping at Latrice, I couldn't resist and jumped in to help a customer. Angela pulled me aside and said, “Let’s talk.” That was in 2004 and I’ve never looked back."

What’s your go to outfit or piece?

“A classic well fitting black sheath dress, Manolo Blahnik heels,  a timeless Chanel clutch and of course a great statement piece of jewelry.

Who's your fashion idol?

"Carolina Herrara for her impeccable taste, elegance, and sophistication."

What’s the next black?

"Black. Is there any other color?"

What makes Latrice unique?

"Our amazing customers, our attentive service and Angela's innate ability to bring the perfect balance of classic and avant- garde fashion from the US and abroad.”



How did your passion for fashion begin?  

“I always had a passion for it. Started working in retail in high school.”

What brought you to Latrice? 

“Latrice found me. Eight years ago. A convincing phone call from Angela did it. It was fortuitous. “

Who’s your fashion idol? 

"Coco Chanel. She has more staying power than anyone. To this day we say, "That’s very Chanel."

What’s your favorite color combination?


What your favorite form of exercise?


Make a fashion prediction for next year.

"I think women are moving more towards comfort each year." 

What’s makes Latrice unique?

"Angela's hand picked collections. "


How did your passion for fashion begin?  

"Way back. But it got stronger when I had my own ladies boutique in Philadelphia in the 80's and 90's. "

What brought you to Latrice? 

“Like her keen eye for fashion, Angela has an eye for stylists. ”

Who's  your fashion idol?

"Audrey Hepburn."

What’s your favorite article of clothing

"There's nothing like my grandmother’s 40 year old coat from Franklin and Simon. I just love wearing it."

What your passion outside fashion? "Makeup…they enhance each other after all. I'm also a makeup artist."

Make a fashion prediction for next year.

"Pastels, wide leg trousers, bomber jackets and pointy toed shoes."

What’s makes Latrice unique?

"Unique fashion finds, style, and attentive follow up with our clients."